Not your average physio

Welcome! This blog is meant to provide literature review and clinical insight into treatment of athletic injuries. The format of the blog will include topic series determined by population and diagnosis and organized into introduction/basic anatomy and always ending with treatment interventions for the athlete. Between these topic series there will be literature reviews as well as stand alone posts. Topic series will be posted once a week. The intended audience of this blog is aimed at practicing therapists and students who are in DPT school and want to learn more about treating the athletic population. If you have an suggestions for topics to cover, please leave a comment, otherwise stay tuned to the first topic series… Breaking Down the Initial Evaluation – This is meant to serve as a foundation for everything else that is posted in the future. Hope you all enjoy! #firstpost #notyouraveragephysio #DPT #movementtherapy #athletes #sportsphysio #injuryprevention

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