Year in Review: 2016


Rather than start a new topic series on the last day of the year, I’ve decided to close out 2016 by reflecting on what I’ve been able accomplish in 2016. While many regard this past year as a terrible year (i.e. deaths of some of my favorite, and very prominent, celebrities including Carrie Fisher and Prince), 2016 did have its moments. For starters, the #NotYourAveragePhysio was brought to you all in 2016, and I was given the opportunity to work with the Boston Blades as their head Physical Therapist (the season’s not over yet, if you’re in the Boston area and would like to catch a game, please email me or message me on FB). 

I’d like to take this time and reflect on my top 5 posts from the past year:

  1. Lateral Ankle Sprain series, Part 3: Manual Interventions – This post garnered a lot of attention over the summer and I was very excited about this post because while in school I didn’t know how to treat an ankle sprain with manual techniques very well. I was very excited to share a few manual techniques that I like to use and have achieved good clinical results. Give them a try in the new year, 2017!
  2. Overhead Athlete series, Part 4: Treatment Interventions – This was another post I was very excited about. One of my clinical interests is treating the overhead athlete and often times I find that therapists and other healthcare professionals forget that the shoulder is, more times than not, the site of pain but NOT the cause of pain. The treatment interventions in this post demonstrate how important the Thoracic spine and Scapulothoracic connection is (obviously there’s aspects involved like the C-spine and AC/SC joints, but there wasn’t room to fit EVERYTHING in one post –> maybe another time I will tie it all together).
  3. Breaking Down the Initial Evaluation, Part 3: Static Postural Assessment – LE – Going along the lines of finding the cause of pain, this post (and series) does just that! Never accept that the site of pain is the source of pain without having evaluated and assessed other contributing factors clinically (though more times than not, you’ll find that the source of pain is NOT the site of pain). There are times where I do treat the site of pain but more on that another time. 99% of the time, I find the source of pain and treat there rather than focusing on where my client says they are in pain. We have to start treating more holistically in 2017!
  4. Featured Professional: Ramez Antoun, PT, DPT, SFMA, PNF – This was an interview I did with Dr. Antoun who is owner of Neuropedics in Boston, MA. I had so much fun conducting this interview and picking his brain – the entire interview was 3 hours long, I only included a snippet of it. There are some definite clinical pearls in this interview and I love his treatment philosophy!
  5. Concussion series, Part 1: Pathophysiology – Last but not least, this post allowed me to articulate all of the training I had underwent through Complete Concussion Management Institute  (CCMI) in Canada for treatment/management/diagnosis of concussions. It’s the hot topic buzzword in sports these days, and PT school definitely does not go over all of the intricacies and details of a concussion.

I’d like to also announce that in 2017, I will be adding a new segment to the blog answering YOUR questions. So please, FB message/email me any questions you may have regarding sports physical therapy, treatment, evaluation, or even a tough case you may have in the clinic!

May 2017 bring more professional development and topic series to you all!

Happy New Year!

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