Did you know that you don’t have to have an injury or be in pain to seek out a physical therapist? In order to cater to our clients, we have several different types of visits that you can schedule based on your specific situation. At Not Your Average Physio, we strive to provide you with the highest quality care with an eclectic and holistic approach. Find the best fit for you!

**Tune-up/Wellness Visits require a separate evaluation prior to first session**

PT Visits:

Did you sustain an injury or develop pain that is hindering you from enjoying the activities you love? During your rehab visits, you will receive a comprehensive, in-depth evaluation that is aimed at finding and targeting the CAUSE of the injury/pain. You will learn the “why” behind each and every technique performed (i.e. NeuroKinetic Therapy, Graston Technique, Functional Dry Needling, Manual Release Techniques etc…) and exercise assigned to you as homework. We will work with you to develop a plan of care schedule that fits YOUR needs including frequency and duration. It is our goal to get you back to living your life as soon as possible – and provide you the tools to maintain your healthy lifestyle!

Tune-up/Wellness Visits:

Do you need a tune-up before your next competition or race? Do you want to learn about ways to prevent injuries in your training program? Have you plateaued in your training – whether that’s in weights or time (run)? Maybe all you need is some pointers as to how to reach that “next level” – whatever that may be for you. These visits are infrequent, and you’ll be given homework to do – but you’ll get some key pointers that can help you out of a slump in your training! Email us to schedule yours today!

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