What Rehab (and Western Medicine) Got Wrong

When you start your journey in the rehab sciences or medical field of any kind, you have a naive way of thinking of how things are done. It’s not any one’s fault that this happens, it’s just the nature of not knowing. In the follow post, I want to challenge those who are practitioners andContinue reading “What Rehab (and Western Medicine) Got Wrong”

You are what you eat… Part 2

TL; DR: Eat whole, minimally processed foods to decrease inflammation in your gut so that you can move like you’ve never moved before! So we’ve established that there is a gut-brain connection – we also recognize this is a 2-way communication system, but we’re only discussing the one direction from the gut to the brainContinue reading “You are what you eat… Part 2”

Nutrition and Rehab

Some of you may know that I went through Precision Nutrition’s level 1 coaching program last year – finished in November 2019. One of the reasons I did was to make me a more well-rounded therapist. I approach rehab and health/wellness from a holistic approach – a mix of Eastern and Western medicine approaches –Continue reading “Nutrition and Rehab”

A little lesson on “Health Insurance”

Being “out-of-network” (OON) myth #1: I can’t get reimbursed if I go to an OON provider. This is FALSE!!!! It is still possible to get reimbursed, but you will have to call your insurance customer service rep (number is on the back of your card) and inquire about your OON benefits/costs for physical therapy asContinue reading “A little lesson on “Health Insurance””

DC vs. DPT vs. LMT vs. etc… DOES IT MATTER?

Our healthcare system is highly segregated and specific. Every profession has it’s own specialties and even within specialties there are branches. In medicine, you have physicians that are neurologists, orthopedics, internal medicine etc… but even within those you have MS (multiple sclerosis) specialists, stroke/TBI specialists, shoulder specialists, foot/ankle specialists, spine specialists etc… It’s very complicatedContinue reading “DC vs. DPT vs. LMT vs. etc… DOES IT MATTER?”

5 Things To Do If You Want to Avoid Injuries

The Rehab profession lives off of people getting hurt – it’s what keeps us in business. BUT, I’m in the business of helping individuals who are currently hurt AS WELL AS preventing injuries from reoccurring. That’s right, I’m in the business of helping YOU not need ME! Crazy, right? Now, I can’t see into theContinue reading “5 Things To Do If You Want to Avoid Injuries”

Why Physical Therapy and Personal Training go hand-in-hand

I’m a HUGE proponent of interdisciplinary collaboration because I think there is value to be had. And while I do feel that our healthcare system has too many “specific” specialties that lead to too much overlap (i.e. DC vs outpatient DPT vs LMT that uses NKT etc… these could all be just 1 professional fieldContinue reading “Why Physical Therapy and Personal Training go hand-in-hand”