DC vs. DPT vs. LMT vs. etc… DOES IT MATTER?

Our healthcare system is highly segregated and specific. Every profession has it’s own specialties and even within specialties there are branches. In medicine, you have physicians that are neurologists, orthopedics, internal medicine etc… but even within those you have MS (multiple sclerosis) specialists, stroke/TBI specialists, shoulder specialists, foot/ankle specialists, spine specialists etc… It’s very complicatedContinue reading “DC vs. DPT vs. LMT vs. etc… DOES IT MATTER?”

5 Things To Do If You Want to Avoid Injuries

The Rehab profession lives off of people getting hurt – it’s what keeps us in business. BUT, I’m in the business of helping individuals who are currently hurt AS WELL AS preventing injuries from reoccurring. That’s right, I’m in the business of helping YOU not need ME! Crazy, right? Now, I can’t see into theContinue reading “5 Things To Do If You Want to Avoid Injuries”

Why Physical Therapy and Personal Training go hand-in-hand

I’m a HUGE proponent of interdisciplinary collaboration because I think there is value to be had. And while I do feel that our healthcare system has too many “specific” specialties that lead to too much overlap (i.e. DC vs outpatient DPT vs LMT that uses NKT etc… these could all be just 1 professional fieldContinue reading “Why Physical Therapy and Personal Training go hand-in-hand”

Do YOU have Chronically Tight Muscles?

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me “I’ve just got really tight muscles” I’d be pretty rich by now. Many people also believe, wrongly (no offense, but it’s true), that tight muscles are either 1) something that is genetic or, rather, just how their body is, 2) tight muscles don’tContinue reading “Do YOU have Chronically Tight Muscles?”

5 Things You Should Do If You Have A Desk Job

If you have a desk job, you know that it can be a pain … literally. Sitting all day can make you feel stiff/tight/sore etc… all over! Therefore, sitting must be BAD, right? WRONG! Any posture sustained for a prolonged period of time will create stiffness/tightness/soreness etc… That’s why when those with desk jobs switchContinue reading “5 Things You Should Do If You Have A Desk Job”

5 Principles To Better Treatment

We interrupt our regularly scheduled topic series (I promise Part 3: Interventions for tight hamstrings will be posted soon!) to bring you this article on principles for better treatment. This post is geared towards both new grads and veteran PTs alike, as I feel that even those of us who have been treating for aContinue reading “5 Principles To Better Treatment”