Do we accept insurance?

Insurance and Billing

Not Your Average Physio does not accept insurance. Unfortunately, the current insurance healthcare model does not allow us to provide the best quality care that our clients deserve. We do not contract with insurance companies because our only commitment is to YOU – the client. This means that you will have our full, undivided attention during your entire session. We tailor an individualized, specific plan of care to you – no two sessions will be the same. The experience that you’ll have at Not Your Average Physio will be unlike any other physical therapy practice that you’ve been to.

Many traditional, in network outpatient Physical Therapy clinics will only see you for 30min each follow up, often use care extenders such as PT Aides and Techs, and are restricted in the number of visits and therapy caps based on your insurance benefits.

At Not Your Average Physio, we are not restricted by any insurance regulations (i.e. Number of visits) and you will be seen by the same therapist each and every visit. Due to this commitment to one-on-one, personalized care, our clients often get better sooner.

If you would like to inquire about rates/packages offered, please contact us

If seeking reimbursement from insurance companies, please note:

  • It is the client’s responsibility to know their insurance benefits including prior authorization, visit limits, and deductibles PRIOR to beginning treatment with us
  • While MA has Direct Access, meaning no referral is required to seek out physical therapy, some insurance companies may require an MD referral to obtain reimbursement.
  • As with all medical claims, filing for reimbursement does not guarantee payment from the insurance company. We will provide all necessary information, if requested, to assist in the process.
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