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User-friendly website builder

User-friendly website builder

  • Add different types of content with just one click

    Thanks to our intuitive editor, you can add different types of content anywhere on your page. Just click on the plus sign and choose the content you want.

  • Save time with predesigned pages

    If your website needs another page, choose the one you like from our preformatted page templates and add it to your site. Each template can be easily modified to suit your needs.

  • Fast and simple editing directly in your browser

    You don't need to download or install anything on any device to create a website. See all the changes as you make them and have perfect control over your site's content and look.

Perfect domain for your brand

Perfect domain for your brand

  • Get a new domain with us or connect your existing one

    Do you need a professional name for your website? Choose from our wide selection of local and special domains. Or use the domain you already own. Easy and stress-free.

  • Get a free domain name for 1 year

    With the first purchase of a Mini or higher Premium Plan, you'll get a voucher for free domain registration for one year. Discover what a professional name does for your business.

  • Free website on the Webnode subdomain

    If a domain name is not in your budget yet, you can create your website for free. It will run on our subdomain and your address will look like this: "yourwebsite.webnode.com".

  • Private registrations

    As a domain owner, you can choose to protect your privacy. You can prevent spam and hide your details from the public records through anonymous domain registration.

Security and speed

Security and speed

  • Reliable hosting

    All Webnode websites are hosted on safe and secure servers. As your presence grows, you can get more space for content and higher bandwidth for an increasing number of visitors.

  • Restore previous versions of your website

    Our backup feature remembers everything. Keep your content safe, create regular backups and restore previous versions of your website any time you need.

  • Fast and smooth loading

    Waiting too long for a page to load can discourage visitors from staying on your website. We make sure that won't happen. Your website will always load fast and smooth.

Professional email accounts

Professional email accounts

  • Email on your own domain

    A mailbox created on your domain signals to your customers that you are a true professional. It also helps to build trust and strengthens your brand.

  • Set your mailbox with any client your like

    You can set your Webnode mailbox with Outlook, Gmail or other email clients to send and receive emails the way you are used to.

  • Create multiple email accounts

    You can create up to 100 different accounts, each with 1GB of space. This way, you will be able to create accounts for different roles within your company.


Your website will not show any flashy banners or videos. It stays ad-free as long as you want.


Have a website with an unlimited number of pages and reliable hosting on a Webnode subdomain for free.


Get your website up and running. Sign up, pick a template, add your content and you are good to go.


Our system has 24 localizations, so you can create your website in a language you feel comfortable with.


We will never limit the number of projects and pages you can make. Feel free to create anything and everything.


A busy life demands smart solutions. Use your smartphone to edit and manage your site on the go.


Fresh looks for your website

Fresh looks for your website

  • Modern templates

    Our templates are made with the latest design trends in mind. All have a clear structure that helps your users navigate your website and find all necessary information.

  • Tailored to your field of work

    Our templates are prepared for different business types. Their content, layout and design fulfill the needs of your target market.

  • Use our content or create your own

    Each template comes with prepared content that helps you build your own website. You also have the freedom to change anything you want.

Free professional photos

Free professional photos

  • Extensive image gallery

    Add visual interest to your website by making use of our extensive image and icon gallery. All pictures are royalty-free and ready to be used on your website.

  • Make your images stand out

    You can choose from different photo gallery layouts to present your images. Add them as a background to your website or place them anywhere you need.


Your website is designed to automatically adjust to any screen size. It will look great on any device.


Catch the attention of your visitors with a video background. Choose from the ones we prepared or add your own.


Add depth to your background images with parallax scrolling and other visual effects.


Embed HTML codes and implement any extra functions or design changes you might need.


Strengthen your brand. Add your logo to your website and show a unique favicon in the browser tab.


Get to know your visitors

Get to know your visitors

  • Traffic overview

    Our website statistics give you a clear overview of the traffic on your website. See how many one-time and repeated visits are there and which pages are the most popular.

  • Referral sources

    Find out where your visitors come from and who shared a link to your website. See who typed your address directly or who found you through organic searching.

Membership registration

Membership registration

  • Restrict access to selected pages of your website

    You can lock selected pages or your website with membership registration. Your visitors will then see the registration and login forms to fill in.

  • Manage registrations with ease

    After a visitor registers on your website, you'll get an email and see the user in the detail of your project. You can easily approve or decline access to your website with just one click.

SEO tools

SEO tools

  • Entice visitors with unique titles and descriptions

    Make sure visitors notice your website in the search results. Create unique and inviting titles and descriptions for each page of your website.

  • Customize your URLs

    Make navigation of your website easier with custom URLs. They will be generated automatically from the page name, but you can change them anytime you like.

Form builder

Form builder

  • One click to contact, reservation and newsletter forms

    The most common types of forms are ready for you in our editor. Select the one you need, add it to your website with just one click and keep in touch with your visitors.

  • Manage form entries with ease

    Every time a visitor fills in a form on your website, you'll get an email notification. All form entries are collected in the detail of your project, where you can easily work with them.

  • Create your own forms

    You can collect information with even more specific forms. Use dropdown lists, multiple-choice questions or let your visitors upload their files. Make them your own.


Connect your website with Google Analytics and get detailed insights into the activity of your visitors.


Allow your users to give consent to collecting their data by adding the data consent field to your forms.


Create a version for your foreign visitors. Starting an international business has never been easier.


Give other people roles to help you manage your website and keep it updated and full of information.

Online store

Stress free online business

Stress free online business

  • Add new products in just minutes

    Setting up your store can be fast and easy. Describe your products, upload images, set prices, press publish and you are ready to sell.

  • Intuitive store management

    You will be notified about every order in your store. You can change their status, notify users about dispatching orders and archive fulfilled orders in the order management.

Responsive store templates

Responsive store templates

  • Templates that help you sell

    Choose from dozens of beautiful store templates to showcase your products or simply add an online store feature to your existing website.

  • Mobile ready shopping

    All our store templates will automatically adjust to any screen size, so your customers will have no trouble shopping on their desktops, tablets or mobile phones.

Payment and shipping

Payment and shipping

  • Local payment methods

    Offer your customers a variety of payment options - wire transfer, PayPal, payment upon pickup or credit card payment via Stripe.

  • Shipping methods

    Your products can be delivered through DHL and FedEx. Set in-store pickup or other delivery methods. You can also let your customers track the delivery of their orders.

Discounts and free shipping

Discounts and free shipping

  • Create discounts to promote sales

    Offer customers discounts or free shipping to boost sales in your store. You can set discounts for all offers or for orders exceeding a certain value.

  • Offer promo codes

    If you want to limit the use of discounts, you can create promo codes. The discount will be applied only when the user enters the code in the review of his order.


Check your store's traffic: what are the most popular products and who are the most profitable customers.


Offer products in different sizes, colors or flavors. Set a different price, product number or availability for each variant.


The store checkout contains a few simple steps with the order overview always in sight.


Change pictures, provide additional information or add video manuals. Make product pages work for you.


No need to add or update products one by one. Import them in bulk in the CSV format and save time.


Use our product feed and export your products to price comparison sites to attract even more customers.


Easy blog management

Easy blog management

  • Manage your blog as any other page

    Spice up your posts by adding pictures, videos, maps or any other type of content you would add to a regular page. Manage your blog like any page of your website.

  • Add recent blog posts anywhere on your website

    You can add multiple blog pages to create various categories of your posts. In the recent post list, you can select whether you want to show just one category or all of them.

Blog design and layout

Blog design and layout

  • Blog templates

    We provide beautiful templates that will help you showcase and manage your articles. Choose from ten blog-specific templates or add the blog feature to your existing website.

  • Mobile-ready blogging

    Thanks to our responsive design, your readers will have no trouble reading your post on their mobiles and tablets. You can also edit your blog on the go.

  • Display your posts in different styles

    You can choose from eight different styles to display recent articles. Set a different style for each of your blog categories or pick the one that works for you.


No need to publish your posts all at once. Write in advance and postpone publication to fit your schedule.


Let your readers share, tweet and comment on your posts with the social network buttons.


Fast and professional help

Fast and professional help

  • We reply in your language within 24 hours

    Our friendly and helpful customer support team speaks more than 20 languages and is available 5 days a week to lend a helping hand anytime you need.

  • Phone support for Premium customers

    Premium users get priority phone support. After your first purchase of our services, you'll get an email with our phone number. Feel free to call.

Extensive knowledgebase

Extensive knowledgebase

  • A step-by-step guide to every Webnode feature

    Each Webnode feature comes with a step-by-step guide. Our Knowledgebase is full of articles, videos and tips for building and improving your website.

  • The latest news on our blog and social networks

    Check our blog and social media pages for updates on new features, tips on how to develop your website even further and to get inspired by the success stories of other users.


Watch our short video tutorials on how to create a website, online store or how to add social media buttons.


We listen to your suggestions and prioritize the development of the most requested features.

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