What is Neurokinetic Therapy® (NKT)?

Neurokinetic Therapy® is an assessment method that we use in all of our treatments aimed at finding movement pattern compensations and subsequently eliminating them through a systematic approach. It utilizes specifically sequenced muscle tests and soft tissue “releases” to help identify where the source of the problem is and restore pain-free motion.

You do not need to be experiencing pain to seek out a clinician. Through NKT, we can also find patterns of inefficiency that may be making certain movements difficult (but not necessarily painful) – think: balance, fatiguing fast with workouts, inability to squat deep enough etc… These are all signs of movement inefficiencies and compensations that aren’t associated with pain.

Clinically, it has allowed us to find the source of the movement inefficiency/pain quicker than traditional methods used in physical therapy.

Curious to see how physical therapy and NKT work together? Email us to book your first appointment!

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