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We help active people and their families stay fit, healthy, mobile without surgery, injections, or pain pills.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Caring, supportive and professional staff.

- Tina Obraztsov S

Great atmosphere and very professional.

- John M

Hurt to healthy in no time!

- Jonah W

Fantastic team, Jerry is a genius!

- Yoni G

Great atmosphere and therapy top notch!

- Paul D

Jerry and his team are amazing physical therapists. My 7 year old son had an injury and he has helped him beyond what I thought possible, physically and mentally. We are very grateful for the help and support of next level sports and would highly recommend for both pediatric and adult patients. There is no one better in the business!

- Monica A

People are very knowledgeable and they deal with athletic people.

- Delana R

solid. Very thorough with COVID precautions. Really enjoyed my experience there!

- Mike O

Love these guys! Great individual, genuine, care.

- Tristan Van G

Pam was terrific and helped get me on track with my hip

- Jack K

We go to Dr. Jerry for strength training and work out to prevent injuries. We love going to Next Level and working out with them!

- Tnt R

Next Level is without a doubt the best at PT. There is no comparison between the services they provide to those anywhere else. Thank you Jerry and co for getting my shoulder back so quickly, no one could’ve done a better job!

- Dean K

Compassionate, caring, and skilled! Thank you Dr. Jerry Yoo for helping me walk again after 2 painful and difficult pregnancies and a fractured foot! Really appreciate all that you have done for me and my family!

- Karen D

I have come in as a patient multiple times and every time I’ve come out of Next Level stronger and healthier than when I first walked in through the door.

- Kotaro

Jerry and John are both terrific!!! They have worked with two of my children (11 and 9) and we have enjoyed everything about our experiences. very easy staff to work with and the kids hardly notice the hard work they are doing;

- Kevin H

friendly and knowledgeable staff. I’m working with Dr. Dave he is knowledgeable and professional and i’m having great success with his treatment

- Joe S

Jerry is a life saver ! I am an active 37 year old who has been lifting weights for most of my life. But, like most of us my form in the weight room tends to get away from me at times leading to back pain. For the last 5 years every time I suffer any type of pain I come see Jerry. The reason being is that he is not only knowledgeable but he is also someone who trains and competes in events such as iron men competitions. In my eyes that makes him a double edged sword. He doesn’t just diagnose he also practices what he preaches.

- Alain Del R

Great staff and atmosphere. I felt very taken care of. I highly recommend this Therapy office. It has everything! Thanks so much guys!

- Lori S

I highly recommend Next Level Physio for your PT needs. Dr. John and the rest of the staff are so warm, professional, and caring. I couldn’t be happier with my progress and results. Thank you!

- Jessica V

Dr. Jerry Yoo is not your regular physical therapist! He genuinely cares about each and everyone of his patients. He is so incredibly knowledgeable and just doesn’t “fix” the issue he focuses on your overall health and what you should be doing daily. I have been a patient of Dr. Yoo for almost 9 years with many different injuries. In February of 2014 I had a brain aneurysm and a stroke. After being in the hospital for almost a month I had to go through extensive Psychical Therapy to get myself strong again afterwards. Dr. Yoo stood by my side throughout my entire recovery…and continues to help me to this very day be the best version of me!! I would not be where I am today without him and I truly believe this to be true. He has guided me throughout the toughest of times and I will be forever grateful for him.

- Patty P

Best place I have been for physical therapy very professional. Dave 2.0 helped me get out of pain and return to crossfit pain free in a short period of time. He is the man.

- Carlos Aguilar C

By far the best physical therapy practice! From atmosphere, to staff, to patient care, there is no better practice to address your physical needs. If you want to feel better, perform better, or take your physicality further, you must come here!

- Alex G

I came to Next Level as a sad, injured runner with achilles problems that had me benched. Dr. Jerry and Dr. John helped me recover, fixed my achilles, and helped me improve my running form. It’s a great facility with skilled professionals. While I hope to not need to come back, if I find myself with another injury, I will most definitely come back to Next Level.

- Amy L

Amazing experience! Went in due to extreme back/leg pain from an old injury I never properly addressed. John M. and the staff there were empathetic to not only the physical pain but the mental stress as well. Within the first two sessions, I felt progress with the pain and it improved furthermore each session after that. They provide a warm and fun environment which made the sessions fly by! Also, very flexible with appointments.

- Eric U

Dr. Jerry Yoo is an exceptional Doctor of Physical Therapy! He takes his time getting to know each patient and treats everyone as if they are family. His intellect and skill in treating the human body is evident as he is quick to pinpoint the issue(s) and provides the best course of treatment (including dry needling). Dr. Yoo’s passion for healing and helping his patients get to the Next Level, is clear. He has treated me for several injuries including shoulder’s, tennis elbow and even Vertigo. I am truly thankful to Dr. Yoo for the care he has provided which has me back at 100% strength and ability! Dr. Yoo is genuine, kind and humble and the community will be served well in his hands!!

- Laura S

Dr. Jerry Yoo, the owner of Next Level Sports Physical Therapy, is the best in the business. Dr. Yoo has treated my many injuries that I have had from working out and being a runner. He has not only treated my hip, foot, calves, neck and back, but has also helped me to alter my running form in order to lessen my chance of future injury. After I spent over a year going to another facility for a neck injury with no relief, Dr. Yoo was able to assess the problem and fix it within only a couple of sessions. Dr. Yoo works with you to not only manage whatever injuries you might have but also about how to prevent any more and to help you push yourself to higher athletic performance. I would definitely not be in the shape I am today without Dr. Yoo!

- Amy W

This is not your typical pt place. Dr. Jerry Yoo, the owner and lead physical therapist at Next Level, has been my physical therapist for 5 years. He has addressed my many injuries I have had over the years, due to the high level of daily physical activity I endure. He has helped me through a shoulder, knee, ankle, and most recently, back injury.

Dr. Yoo is a rare find in the physical therapy field. He is extremely knowledgeable, effective in diagnosing and treating various injuries, and genuinely cares about getting you better, faster. The last thing you can expect here is to see the doctor for 5 minutes, get a bunch of exercises, slap on an ice pack, and be on your way.

Dr. Yoo believes in the importance of every person reaching their own “Next Level,” regardless of what that is. In addition to treating your injury, his practice focuses on improving your overall health. Thanks to him, I have become a faster, stronger, wiser athlete and person.

- Valerie M

The most knowledgeable, honest, and genuine Physical Therapist/Personal Trainer you will ever meet. Dr. Yoo does not look solely to heal the injury, but rather to help you recover and create habits to support your recovery going forward. He leverages his own personal strength/conditioning techniques in his treatments. I’ve been to other clinics where you do exercises just to “do exercises” as part of your treatment. There is always a method or result behind every exercise/treatment at Next Level Sports Physical Therapy, which makes every visit to Dr. Yoo a memorable one.

On a side note, Dr. Yoo is also a phenomenal strength/conditioning coach. Even if you are not in need of physical therapy, Dr. Yoo can help you achieve your fitness goals and take you to conditioning levels you never thought possible. Whether you are training for a triathlon, obstacle race, or just your first 5k, Dr. Yoo has a plan to take you to the “Next Level.”

- Phillip G

Dr. Jerry Yoo is a highly skilled and knowledgable physical therapist who not only alleviates his patient’s pain but also optimizes performance and overall function. I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Yoo as a student and he was a tremendous mentor who challenged me to look outside the box and to not become an average PT. He has a unique ability to recognize biomechanical faults and prevent injury. The greatest quality that I have seen in Jerry is the ability to take into consideration his patient’s individualized goals and will work relentlessly to help you achieve them. Highly Recommend Dr. Yoo and this facility!

- Brian T

There are plenty of PT folks to choose from. I chose to go to Jerry and drive 1/2 hour each way because he understands the mindset of the weekend warrior. He knows we obsess about the injury and how soon we can get back. He treats the injury with a focus on the activities that you are looking to get back to. His background as an athlete provides the perfect blend of actual experiences and clinical expertise.

- Michael K

Every facet of this physical therapy office is a 10. Most importantly they have a highly qualified, engaged, warm and professional staff. I’m six months out from a hip replacement and attribute my current physical “success” to Dr. Pam and the entire staff! Thank you!

- Mary V

Dr. Jerry Yoo is one of the greatest therapist out there! I have gone to him for a number of different injuries but it all started when I had shoulder surgery for a rare impingment syndrome – within 6 months of surgery I was back to fully working out with no restrictions. He not only knowledgable in his field but he relates to each of his patients on a personal level. Dr. Yoo makes sure all of his patients needs are met at each session. Hands down he is the only physical therapist that I would ever trust with any of my issues.

- Devin M

Dr Jerry and his team are just incredible. Everybody in there is an athlete and they understand an athlete’s mindset. Dr Jerry got me to the finish line in my last marathon and recently helped me overcome three months of back pain. I would highly recommend!

- Andrew B

Beyond great experience here! John is treating me for chronic plantar facitis pain and I can say after seeing 5 other doctors, I have seen more improvement in a month of physical therapy than any other doctor I went to over the past 7 months. John truly cares about his clients and works really hard to get his patients better. I recomended this place 1000% they are up to date, knowledable, and truly passionate about helping others.

- Amelia B

Jerry is hands down the best physical therapist I’ve encountered in the field! His knowledge of anatomy and clinical diagnoses are unparalleled. Interventions are functionally based and designed to fix biomechanical faults, addressing the cause of injury and movement dysfunction, rather than just the symptoms and building physical and mental strength patients did not know they needed or had in them in the first place. Jerry values health and wellness like no other and prevention is a top priority. He exudes leadership, walks to walk, and above all does so with humility and grace building rapport and trust with patients almost instantly. There isn’t a person of any age or with any type of injury I wouldn’t send to Next Level Sports PT without confidence in his care.

- Pamela K

Dr. Jerry Yoo is a fantastic physical therapist! He provides excellent care and rehabilitation for a wide variety of injuries and amazing training for sports performance. If you’re looking for someone to provide rehab or get you to the next level in your training, Jerry is the therapist for you!

- Tasha A

I was recommended to go to physical therapy because I felt discomfort on my elbow from playing baseball. Both Dave and Dave 2.0 guided me through the physical therapy process to better my range of motion and improve my technique’s that will help me in the near future.

- Zachary F

I came to Jerry & Crew at NL PT with back and radiating leg pain from endurance racing. Within 2 weeks the radiating pain was gone and I do not experience toe numbness while running. Jerry took the time to perform video analysis of my running form and tailored a strength and conditioning program to correct these issues. I am looking forward to a strong triathlon season with long runs I can finish without numbness. Thanks Jerry and everyone at Next Level PT !!!!

- David R

Dr Jerry Yoo has been my go to physical therapist for many years. His knowledge, approach and attentive care is above and beyond any other physical therapist I’ve visited. I visit him for any ache or pain I have that can set my training back, and he’s always been able to get me up and running again time and time again. I highly recommend going to see him if you have any pain or discomfort.

- Henry H

I’ve had several Crossfit related injuries, and Jerry has worked his magic to get me back in the gym. He’s incredibly knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate! Jerry’s main focus is to get you fixed up and back into the sport you love. Jerry is the absolute best physical therapist!

- Deborah M

I went to see Dr. Jerry Yoo for a foot injury due to poor running form. In a matter of a few weeks, not only did he alleviate the pain but he did a complete assessment of how my body moves to prevent further injury in all parts of my body. He doesn’t just make the pain go away, but he actually gets to the root of the problem so the patient understands what they can do to prevent other injuries as well. We have been working on various drills and exercises not only to help my foot but to correct my overall movements. He has been pushing me to improve my overall fitness and I’m definitely getting more than I asked for. He takes time with each patient and his knowledge and passion for this field is obvious and most appreciated. I would not trust any other physical therapist for my needs – I rest assured that if I hurt something, Dr. Jerry can fix it.

- Jennifer K

Next Level Physical Therapy is an amazing place. It is a state of the art facility with high quality workout equipment, as well as physical therapy equipment. Both Dr. Jerry Yoo and Dr. John Mendenhall are expert physical therapists who take pride in making sure their patients get the best care.On top of their expertise they are incredibly kind and down to earth people who love what they do, and want the best for their patients.

- Jack W

Dr. Jerry is not only one of the most skillful therapists I know, but is respected for his leadership and mentorship skills within the community. He has a way of addressing your immediate concerns while simultaneously inspiring you to push yourself further than you thought you were capable of. Especially if you are a young athlete, developing habits to care for your body early on in your career/life is invaluable. Working with Jerry will teach you or your aspiring athlete the principles to manage injuries, to prevent injuries, and to take your game to the next level. Check out his brand new facility on Broadway in Woodcliff Lake.

- Valerie Levesque Pt, Dpt

I began seeing Dr. Jerry Yoo after many months of a frustrating injury. On my first visit, he was attentive, thorough and had a warm vibe to him. I immediately felt confident in his ability to treat me. He even began addressing a secondary injury that had been lingering for over 2 years from running. Unlike other physical therapy facilities I have experienced, Jerry understands my active lifestyle. He is eager to work with me in healing while minimizing a disruption to my daily living and activity level. He makes our sessions challenging while providing encouragement and support. My success with Jerry has been incredible. Prior to our sessions, I hadn’t run pain free for over a year. In a nutshell, great guy, great place, excellent results!!!

- Cindy G

Have not had a need to go recently, since they did such a great jog healing my ailments. Best PT my family and I have EVER been to. Jerry, John and the rest of the crew are excellent, creative, sharp and enjoyable to be around. I only recommend this facility, need I say more..

- Gail L

Our 3 year old son recently broke his tibia, resulting in wearing a cast up over his knee for a month. When the cast came off, he refused to weight bear and had significant stiffness and weakness in the broken leg. The most challenging part was him not walking. From the minute we walked into Next Level, it was immediately apparent that we were in the right place. As one could imagine, working with a 3yo can be quite challenging, because they’re both impatient and do not know why they are there. Dr. John and the entire staff were so patient and understanding with our son that his fears were soon gone. Within the first week of going there, he was trying to “run” and quickly rebuilding his confidence. In the coming weeks, he always looked forward to going and seeing Dr. John. Less than a month after our initial appointment, our son is a brand new kid and has his confidence back to run around like a 3 year old should. I have been in at least a dozen PT environments, and I am quite confident in saying Next Level is at the top of that list. So much so, that I am now a patient there as well. And while we hope our son never needs PT again, if he does, we know exactly where we are going. Rest assured that people of all ages and injuries are in the best of hands at Next Level.

- Gregory P

As the mother of 2 children who train as elite gymnasts, Jerry Yoo has been an indispensable asset for us. His knowledge and skill has been nothing short of miraculous in treating and resolving issues. Not only has he been effective in treating injuries where there was little improvement prior to his involvement, but his ability to identify and correct the cause, eliminated the problem as well as prevented future injuries. His strength training and conditioning has been a valuable addition to PT. Jerry’s great sense of humor, combined with his ability to relate to his patients, makes us all look forward to going to PT! I cannot recommend him highly enough!

- Sophia S

Next level fitness is the go-to place for your PT needs. When you enter you are greeted with warmth compassion and real care. They truly listen to your problem concerns and questions. They are not just going through the motions,they truly care. I have had the pleasure of working with Dr.Jerry, Dr Pam and Dr John. With all of their help and staff I am well on my way to recovery from a hamstring pull that has plagued me for entirely too long.
They cater to a meriode of people young,old,athlete or not! They are truly great,check them out. I’m super glad I did!

- Elizabeth R

Next Level PT is a very unique physical therapy practice. On any given day you might find a 75 year-old undergoing rehabilitation following knee replacement surgery next to a strong physically fit athlete doing strengthening exercises in preparation for an upcoming iron man competition, and all people in between in terms of their physical therapy needs. I have been a patient of Dr. Jerry Yoo for over 20 years for a myriad of treatment plans. He is an absolute master diagnostician, who has always managed to get me back to a pain-free status. His personality is always warm and understanding. While I have not yet had the pleasure of seeing Dr. John Mendenhall, all I need to know is that Dr. Yoo thought highly enough of him to make him part of his team. I highly recommend Next Level PT!!

- John V

I’ve been working with Jerry Yoo off and on for nearly ten years. He is an exceptional physical therapist. His service and professionalism are best-in-class. (Truth is, I go to him before I go to the orthopedist.)

As an older athlete, I am constantly injuring myself and Jerry always knows how best to address it and he provides me with strength exercises and stretches to proactively prevent the injuries from recurring. I always know I am in good hands with Jerry and his highly-trained team.

- Deborah R

I decided to give Next Level Physio a try after my daughter spent a summer observing Dr. John, Dr. Pam and Dr. Jerry. A persistent pain and tightness in my right shoulder had me assuming my condition was something to live with. Dr. John assessed my problem and worked with me to stretch and strengthen my shoulder muscles. In only a a few weeks, I cannot believe the improvement. My shoulder no longer feels tight, stiff or sore. I am so grateful for the relief and help. Additionally, I now know how to continue with the strengthening program to avoid falling back. Thank you to Dr. John and Dr. Pam for your help. Next Level is unlike typical PT centers; I received individual attention and a specific program that I am continuing on my own. I recommend Next Level without reservation.

- Laurie C

As there are 2 competitive runners and gymnasts in my family, knowing a good PT is critical. We are so lucky to have Jerry. He is the first person to call when we have an issue, and he always gets us back on track. He’s not only a great PT, but also such a sincere person. He explains what is happening, why it happened, and what to do to prevent it in the future. I like and trust his approach to injuries with PT treatment and strength training. If you are an athlete, his strength training is hard, but it is worth it. His knowledge and technique as a PT, and sense of humor make us look forward to seeing him. Highly recommend!

- Misa T

After trying other PT places, I became very discouraged with the progress of my shoulder injury. Jerry was highly recommended by a friend and I decided to give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised by Jerry’s course of treatment using a combination of cupping, needling, massaging, and strengthening exercises to heal my shoulder. From the short time I’ve been with him, I have noticed a significant difference in my range of motion, strength, and overall progress. Jerry is extremely knowledgeable, especially with sports related injuries as he is an accomplished athlete and his care is second to none! I’m so thankful I have found you, Jerry! Thank you for your amazing care!

- M C

Dr. Jerry Yoo and his team are by far the most professional and caring individuals selected to provide the utmost care for all of their patients. I have had three reconstructive surgeries on my right ankle including a nerve damage after my second surgery. Dr. Yoo’s personalized program and activities helped me regain my strength and walk again. Without Dr. Yoo I would not be where I am today. He is by far the best Physical Therapist I have had. He is compassionate, caring and goes far and beyond for all his patients. I am so thankful to have met him!

- Houry Y

Next Level is a great facility, the people are kind and welcoming and the environment is exactly what you need when you’re trying to get better. I hurt my back and saw Dr. Jerry. He was wonderful as were all the therapists/trainers there that I worked with to get better!

- Julie L

I came into Next Level Sports PT with a partially torn ACL in my left knee and simply put, Dr. Jerry Yoo and his team have been nothing short of amazing. Prior to my injury, I was very active. After only a month of weekly sessions, my knee has greatly improved and I feel much more confident in my abilities again. Jerry is friendly, professional, and involved. Grateful to have found Next Level – highly recommended!

- Julianne M

They have given me the ability to help keep up with my kids. I attend their group workout sessions in the morning 5 days a week. The trainers will challenge you, motivate you, and always keep you guessing when it comes to the work outs. This place truly wants to build a community who loves working out together. The staff is always fun and caring. This is a great place to start no matter what level your at and will provide the “want” in wanting to continue to come back. I’ve enjoyed three years of hard work and fun with this group and look forward to many more. These are great people!

- Ralph L

Jerry and his team are excellent at everything they do, and they do a lot! I came to Jerry looking for help rehabbing my injured knee, and with summer conditioning for my collegiate rowing season. He not only completely relieved my pain, but also helped shape a workout plan specifically for me that would push me hard every session, and get me ready for the season. The level of commitment to both rehabbing my injury, and helping me achieve my goals as an athlete was amazing!

- Timothy N

Highly skilled and amazing staff, pleasant and very professional treatment with every visit. Was treated by Dr. John, his knowledge and expertise is a rare find and his ability to help me heal and improve following a torn meniscus was incredible. I highly recommend Next Level Physio!

- Maryann F

Been to other physical therapists. These are the best. They offer a combination manual and machine based physical therapy approaches. They also offer CrossFit services and they all compete in races, Spartans & triathlons. They really know how the body works and can get you back into the swing of things. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for knowledgeable physical therapists!

- Nishan L

Anyone who has set foot in this place knows it is the best physio clinic in the area. This team of DPTs, coaches, and physios is elite, knowledgable, welcoming, and “does it all”. In my several months there, I have seen infants, children, adults, and more experienced individuals. Whether you are recovering from surgery, dealing with chronic physical ailment, or wanting to break personal performance records, the team at Next Level with enthusiastically get you to wherever you want or need to go. This review is mostly for the athletes looking for a physical therapist. I walked into their facility in August 2018 with a chronic hamstring injury. I simply wanted to go from pain-stricken to pain-free, but the Next Level team had different plans for me. They treated my injury with cutting edge technology and techniques to expedite the healing process and put me through a strength routine to prevent reinjury. As all of you athletes know, it is scary to have to “sit out” and lose fitness, but Next Level developed challenging circuit workouts that accounted for my injury so I was actually making physical gains while rehabbing. When they told me I was going to PR during this racing season, I laughed out loud. Months later, they had me breaking my half marathon PR by over four minutes. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this community. Every single employee treats you like family. I love the energy, friendliness, mutual support, and camaraderie that is oozing from every single Next Level member. Whatever your physical therapy needs, please look no further. This team will listen, individually tailor a plan to your needs, cheer you on, and make you a better athlete than you were when you walked in. They truly live up to their name and I am eternally grateful to them for getting me to the next level!!

- Christine M

No one compares to Dr. Jerry Yoo! I came to Next Level PT because I was suffering through ongoing issues with numbness and tingling in both feet and my right shin, brought on by distance running and spinning. After a few sessions, Jerry was able to diagnose the issue, offer treatment and provided stretches and exercises that I could do at home to help get me back out, doing the things I love, faster (and to avoid further injury). I’m pleased to report that I have been spinning pain and numb free for weeks! My running distance is increasing and I couldn’t be more impressed with how good I feel. In addition to the exceptional physical care, Jerry is personable, professional and incredibly motivating. I would highly recommend visiting Next Level PT for a physical assessment, guidance on injury prevention, and to help you move pain-free!

- Lisa G

Love Next Level Physio! I’ve been a patient for years and whenever I have an issue, they work hard to put me back together! Always willing to go above and beyond to fix the problem and help you get back to doing what you love!

- Meghan D

Terrific place for physiotherapy. Dr. Jerry is very professional and knowledgeable. He creates a unique plan for each person and increases the intensity or type of exercises as you get better.
His staff is very talented as well. Highly recommend this place.

- Rosa A

I started out at a basic Physical Therapy gym where the trainers gave me the same boring stretching and simple weight lifting exercises for almost 3 months. I remember being discouraged to go to the gym because of how weak I was. When I started my time at Next Level Dr. John and the staff got me up to speed in just one session. They put all of their effort into making sure their clients are on the right track to 100% recovery, not 50% like the regular physical therapy offices. The workouts they give are unlike any other, no matter what speed or strength you are at the team will do their best to make sure you are sweating and feeling great after a nice workout. After going there I finally started going back to the gym and even when I have issues there I always go back to the staff at Next Level and they can provide detailed instructions on how and what you should be doing to resolve the issue. I would 100% recommend this place to anyone with any sort of aches or pains, this is the spot to go. For athletes and all ages this place is the best.

- Alexader D

Not your average physical therapy practice. I really appreciate that the staff all have some sort of athletic background, whether it’s endurance, crossfit, strength, swimming, weightlifting, spartan, etc, they have you covered. They knew I was an avid crossfitter and tailored my rehab for ACL surgery accordingly. All along the process they tested and measured my progress and adjusted my rehab. I didn’t feel rushed, they checked on how I was feeling and my concerns all along the way. During the whole rehab I was able to still do my crossfit workouts scaled with the list of exercises we would test during our therapy sessions. I was able to return to full activity after about 8 months. I also ran my first spartan race just under a year after my surgery with Dr Jerry by my side. The race gave me a huge confidence boost with my knee. During my time at Next Level, I have seen how they really reinvest into the practice and provide some of the best treatment tools and equipment for their patients and continually provide more services for their patients’ specific needs. If you let them, not only will they get you healthy, but will also help you conquer new levels of fitness.

- Youngjin James K

It’s been a long road to recovery since I had knee surgery back in January, but the finish line is finally in sight. Without the help of Next Level Sports Physical Therapy the finish line would still be miles away. They have a dedicated team and truly care about each and every patient. They are extremely accommodating of my busy schedule and are always willing to make time for an appointment whether it be early in the morning, later in the evening, and even on Saturdays. I’ve been to a few different physical therapy practices and the approach that Next Level Sports takes, is by far my favorite. I owe the Dr. Jerry and Dr. John as well as the rest of the team a huge thanks. I highly recommend anyone looking for a Physical Therapy practice to check this place out!

- Scott W

After seeing 2 Orthopedic Surgeons and getting no results-Dr. Jerry came into our lives. Within 2 visits my daughter was nearly healed from an injury that kept her with limited leg mobility for 6 months. The level of professionalism, knowledge, and dedication at Next Level is like no other. I can say without hesitation, Next Level is the best PT place ever!

- Christine S

I had recently hurt my knee while strength training and thought I could push through it until my knee swelled up and I could barely walk. I’m quite stubborn and always feel like I can work through anything. I finally took a friend’s advice to go see Dr. Jerry. She had recently used him for her daughter that had suffered a swimming injury.

I’m going on my third week of PT and my knee is almost back to normal!!! Dr. Jerry performed a complete evaluation and even used a really cool computer program to help us see any imbalances in my movements. That was AWESOME!

He has an amazing way about him. Extremely knowledgeable and, in my case, since he lifts too, he understood everything I was going through. A few times that other patients were there before or after me, I got to see how well he treated his other patients as well!!

He’s a great person and an even better Physical Therapist!!! I know that he will get me back to 110% and lifting heavier than I ever have!! I’ve already recommended him to a few of my friends and would recommend him to you too!!! No one better than Dr. Jerry!!!

- Alexandra P

I started here for PT on my left shoulder about 4 weeks ago. I had issues with strength and flexibility due to calcified joint. Dr Jerry was able to quickly start a regimen of therapy which included his hands on manipulation and stretching to increase the flexibility and strength training to also help. I have made a huge advance in just those few weeks. The facility is extremely clean and each and every time a table is used, it is cleaned immediately! I am extremely impressed by the level of care, service and attitude of Dr Jerry and his staff.

- Keith L

This is my first time coming to Next Level Physio. From the first visit Dr Pam was welcoming and did a comprehensive assessment of my injury. Dr Pam did a variety of treatments to address my injury and a lot of thought went into her strategy at every step. She consulted me along the way and helped me get back to training. Dr Pam and Dr Jerry run an amazing center.

- Robinson D

Next Level Physio is incredible. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and all of the therapists ensure that you receive the best care. I battled a shoulder and neck injury for months. I tried numerous treatments to try to alleviate the pain. Within a few weeks of seeing the team at Next Level, I was feeling great! I’m finally able to workout again pain free. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a physical therapist in the Bergen county area!!!

- Jillian K

Next Level Sports Physical Therapy is an amazing facility with the best equipment and the most skilled physical therapists. Jerry, the founder of the facility, is one of the top physical therapists in New Jersey. Jerry helped me recover from multiple injuries, consistently rehabbing my body back to health and making me stronger than before. Physical therapy is also extremely important for injury prevention, and this is something that Jerry also specializes in. He has helped my muscles stay strong by creating demanding stretching and conditioning plans. Next Level Sports Physical Therapy has been extremely important for my training and I would not have been able to get where I am as an athlete without this type of treatment. I highly recommend Next Level Sports Physical Therapy over any other physical therapy facility.

- Timmy K

Jerry and his team at Next Level are amazing miracle workers! As a competitive gymnast for the past 8 years, I have been injured a fair amount of times, but it is so reassuring to know that I have a great PT that I can turn to to make sure that I can be healthy and strong quickly to get back in the gym and also to prevent future injuries. When I am there, Jerry is always willing to try new exercises or PT methods and he is very thorough when explaining what each of them are and how they will help me. I would recommend Next Level to anyone whether they are a competitive athlete or somebody who is looking to build up strength after any injury.

- Mika T

Everyone at Next Level Sports Physical Therapy is very friendly and welcoming. I’ve been treated for multiple injuries, including a torn ligament in my wrist and a herniated disc, both pre and post surgery.

Thanks to Dr. Jerry, I was able to avoid surgery for my wrist after 2 other doctors had strongly recommended it.

Although there are many physical therapists closer to where I live, I always seek out Jerry and his team because there’s no one I trust more than them!

- Samantha C

I am currently in a doctorate program for physical therapy and have recently completed my clinical rotation at Next Level Physio. I have worked and volunteered at numerous clinics and what sets Next Level Physio apart is the 1-on-1 attention you receive from all the Doctors of Physical Therapy. To ensure this, there is no double booking during your appointment time. The entire staff creates a warm environment and enjoyable experience! Whether your goal is to recover from an injury or to improve your 5K time, Next Level has the tools to get their clients back to what they enjoy doing. Performance training and rehabilitation are delivered utilizing the most up to date scientific evidence. All the doctors are passionate about the field as seen through their involvement in continuing education courses, teaching at graduate programs/community events, and actively training & competing in their areas of expertise. Do not hesitate to come here! The team at Next Level truly provides a unique experience that will certainly exceed your expectations.

- Ken S

The team at Next Level Physio is amazing!! Even more important than how they have helped me heal from injury is how they have worked with me to continue to be active and prevent new injuries. Can’t recommend them enough!!

- Michelle L

Next Level Physio provides individualized, high quality physical therapy. The personalized attention and genuine care set them apart. The atmosphere is warm, friendly, and fun. I highly recommend them!!

- Lauren D

Our experience at Next Level Physical Therapy has been nothing short of exceptional. This facility is an attractive, clean, inviting, well equipped and staffed environment. The courtesy of the front desk staff, Yvonne, the professionalism and knowledge displayed by the PT’s and the PT techs are all wonderful. Dr. Jerry, Dr. John, and Dr. Pam are all terrific. Dr. John was our therapist and we have to say that he is a great listener, is very knowledgeable and professional and he gave us the exercises and used other modalities to rehab my very stiff ankle from a previous injury and also helped improve my husband’s hip and back issues. He did an excellent job and he showed sincere patient concern. We are both very impressed with the program that was recommended for our recovery. We highly recommend this physical therapy facility to anyone who needs therapy. We attest to our positive results. It’s a very well run practice and John did an outstanding job with the two of us.

- Lucy C

I welcome this opportunity to post a review of NextLevel Physio, where I received what I found to be an intelligent and really responsive regimen of PT earlier this year. Dr. Jerry and Dr. Pam were personally welcoming, and were receptive, sensitive and totally professional in our initial consultation. I worked on my PT issues with the wonderful Dr. Pam , who made daily modifications on my therapeutic plan, according to where I was up to. While I was there I observed the practice training young athletes as well as addressing the PT concerns of all ages and types. A really nice bunch of people who were assistants and Yvonne at the desk always cheerful and helpful. Sending my thanks and endorsement…

- Chana

Have been treated for many different injuries over the past several years by the excellent doctors at Next Level and every time they have helped me tremendously! All of my family members have had positive experiences there as well. Don’t live with nagging injuries, go get fixed up at Next Level!

- Paul L

I have been to several PT places and Next Level Physio is different. Not wasting time on superficial modalities, David Kwon does hands-on body work and then stays with me for beneficial exercises. Working on balance and strength issues after a stroke, David Kwon and his assistant, David Kim, have been caring, trust-worthy and helpful. I am improving thanks to their attention to my needs.

- Linda H

Best Physical therapists around! I have been to several therapy centers, either for myself or my daughters, never have I encountered a center as incredible and professional as Next Level. Both Jerry and John are extremely knowledgeable, talented, and creative in their fields. They have hired a team of trainers, each with their own specialty, to help assist you throughout your entire session. I have been going for an injury and stayed longer for their training capabilities and I belong to another gym, but they are worth it. They not only address your injury, but encourage to improve your entire well being. I have recommended Next Level to friends and family and will continue to do so. The environment is warm, friendly and inviting. Don’t go anywhere else, this is the only place to be…

- Jack P

If you are looking for a physical therapy group, go no further. Time and time again this group has been able to get me back to running where a half dozen other PT clinics could not. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and create a wonderful lighthearted atmosphere. I truly cannot recommend this place enough, whether you are an athlete or not.

- Samuel C

Jerry and his entire team are truly experts at diagnosing the issue and creating a “just right” plan to get you up and running again. I can’t say enough about the attention I receive and the care provided when I walk through their doors! Great job everyone!!!!

- Giovanni R

The best place I’ve been to for all round holistic care by far! The whole team at Next Level make you feel welcome and included as soon as you walk in the door. Absolutely recommend Next Level Physio for anyone who is looking to improve their quality of life when it comes to physical injuries, pain management, and even fitness goals!!!

- Rowena H

Next Level Physio is unlike any other physical therapy clinic that I have been to. Right when you walk through the door, you are greeted with a warm welcome and smile. The therapists there are very knowledgeable and actively listen to you to understand what’s going on. They have an Alter G and BFR machine that you can’t find in most PT clinics. Now that I’ve been to Next Level, I view rehab completely differently.

- David K

I am so thankful for the Next Level staff for not only helping treat my injury in such a short time before going back to school but also for ensuring our health and safety through out COVID. The staff are all so friendly and helpful. The gym is keep spotless and is visibly being cleaned and sanitized. Can’t go wrong by coming to Next Level for any of your PT and fitness needs.

- Angela D

Next Level Physio provides the highest level of care from the minute you walk in the door. The staff is super welcoming and knowledgeable. When you are there they give you what feels like 100% of their attention until the minute you walk out to offer the most personal and overall best experience. Not only that, but they are always going above and beyond for their patients. During the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak when my brothers and I couldn’t go in due to the risk of exposure, they were able to come to out house to work with us so we could continue getting the treatment we needed.

- Halle K

This is not your ordinary physical therapy clinic. Unlike many other “bigger name” physical therapy clinics, you’ll never feel like you’re part of some rushed cookie cutter assembly line when you come to Next Level.
All of the therapists in this clinic are of a top tier caliber who not only spend a lot of time with you and develop a program specific to your personal goals/needs, but you can truly feel how much they care about your progress! Be prepared to work hard and you’ll get the most out of every visit. I literally recommend Next Level to all of my friends and family for their physical therapy needs.

- Steve Y

I always have a great experience with the staff at Next Level. Beginning with reception to the pt aids and on to the Physical Therapists. The staff is always helpful and accommodating. The treatment course always proves to be successful and I know that if I stay the course this team will help me get back to what I love doing. They are a comprehensive practice and incorporate health and well being into everything they do. I want to thank the team at Next Level for always delivering exceptional treatment and for always getting me patched up and moving again.

- Stephanie S

Next Level has been an integral part of my recovery from a traumatic orthopedic injury. The entire staff is professional and friendly (which is so refreshing). Each therapist who’s worked with me has been extremely knowledgeable and contentious. The one-on-one time with both the therapist and the pt assistant is invaluable. The time taken with me is thorough and I always leave feeling better. Thank you,
Jerry, Dave and everyone at Next Level!

- Christy V

-By far the VERY BEST PT Practice I have ever attended out of half-a-dozen others over many years of therapy for various issues. -They are a most caring and knowledgeable group of people, and they get results !

- Peter De A

Everyone is welcoming and kind. From the moment you walk in, you feel at ease. Dr. Pam is AMAZING. I have struggled with my knee for years and have had 2 surgeries and have one more pending. I saw Dr. Pam soon after my second surgery and had little hope in regaining my ability to bend my knee or walk without a cane. A month and a half later and not only am I walking without a cane, I can bend my knee! They focus on your needs and work to achieve your realistic goals. I am absolutely grateful to Dr. Pam and highly recommend Next Level Physio!

- Caryn R

Next Level Physio is hands down THE BEST! In addition to them coming highly recommended by a trusted friend, I did my research and interviewed several PT practices before deciding, and I’m so glad I chose Next Level!! I’m recovering from spine surgery and wasn’t going to trust my rehab to just anyone. Dr. Jerry and his staff are exceptionally knowledgeable, experienced, and totally committed to excellent patient care. Dr Jerry is super smart, caring, and laser focused on my treatment and progress. He has been absolutely key to my recovery. Dr John, Dr Pam, and the rest of the staff are equally as amazing. This is not your typical PT practice just rotating patients in and out. I consistently see this skilled team treating patients ranging from adolescents to elderly patients to elite athletes, always with one on one care, and great attention to detail and communication. This team of professionals is a very supportive and friendly group, and I really enjoy working through my PT with them in the health & fitness minded environment they’ve created. This practice is very well run, extremely organized, and super clean. I really can not state strongly enough what a STAND OUT PLACE THIS IS!!!

- Tracy D

Based on a recommendation, I brought my son to Next Level. He had been experiencing discomfort while running. The team did a great initial evaluation of his physique and built a PT program specifically geared towards his needs. They were attentive and communicated with him directly on what he needed to do, which isn’t always easy with a teen. He worked through his challenges and had a great season. Would def] recommend Next Level for athletes of all ages and skills.

- Adam

I knew as soon as the intake interview/evaluation was done that this was the right place for me. From there, Dr. Pam worked on my aches and pains and gave me exercises and stretches that fit my needs. After the PT was finished, I continued with an exercise program designed by Dr. Pam to strengthen my weaknesses, and work towards my goals. I am so grateful for the knowledge and patience of everyone at Next Level!

- Sarah R

Great care! Attentive to patient needs, constantly looking at creative solutions to address injuries. You also get a great overall workout, with many various exercises to strengthen. PT with patient time is significantly more than other places, and everyone is trained to make sure your accurately doing exercises.

- Claire K

I love Next Level Physio! My only complaint is that they’re so good, I can’t go anywhere else!! I even worked for another physical therapy practice and ended up driving 25 minutes out of my way 3 times a week because they just weren’t the same. Each member of my family has been a patient at Next Level and from dislocated elbows to a broken foot, I know they received the absolute BEST care! During recovery, their doctors would always be so impressed by the improvement made so quickly after injury. Thanks for everything Next Level!!

- Yvonne L

Dr. Jerry and his team at Next Level Physio provide amazing care to active people around the Bergen county. Their treatment philosophy and the high quality care is what set them apart of all the other PT clinics in the area. If you are invested in your well-being, this is the clinic for you.

- Myokinetix Physical Therapy And Performance

So glad to have found Next Level Physio for my son. We have been with Dr. John for over 3 years and he has handled all his physical therapy needs from his shoulders to his knees. My son is a competitive swimmer and Dr. John has an extensive athletic background, so he is a perfect fit for us. He was able to use his knowledge in swimming and tailor my son’s physical therapy to his needs. Thanks for all the years that you’ve been there for us! We look forward to many more years with you guys!

- Richard The Swimmer 514

The best way to describe Next Level Physio is to just look at their name. This physical therapy clinic provides superior care to every patient that walks through their door. The engagement between the staff and the patients is unlike anything I have seen. The entire team at Next Level Physio are professional, welcoming, and knowledgeable.

When I first arrived to Next Level, I felt intimidated by all the equipment and the gym setting. After my first session meeting with the DPT, I felt confident that this was the place for my recovery. Little did I know, that after that first day at Next Level, would change my life. They have inspired me to lead an active lifestyle and reach BEYOND my personal goals.

Because of Next Levels Inspiration, I lost 70lbs and reached my life-long desired weight. There is no reason to think twice about choosing Next Level Physio because they are the ultimate clinic to reach your goals!

- Rafael Y

The staff at Next Level Physio are really best in class. I have been going in for the past few months in order to strengthen my knee and improve my physical health overall in preparation for a big day. My body feels better than ever and I have only Next Level Physio to thank for this. I highly recommend Next Level Physio for any physical therapy and training needs.

- Brendan J

My wife had great success with Dave @ Next Level Physio, but I was a stubborn and reluctant 70 year old. Physical Therapy was for hip or knee replacements, not silly old tennis elbow. Now I tell everyone about Next Level more than she does! Drs Dave and Pam worked with me for about 2 months with their therapies and exercises . I was convinced my tennis (pickleball elbow) would return. Wrong again. I’ve been playing 2-3 times a week pain free and continue to do the exercises at home. Thanks for putting me back ” in the game”.

- Jeff L

The next level team is absolutely fantastic! Their 1 on 1 approach allows them to treat each patient with great care and tend to specific needs. I’ve been coming to next level for the past 5 years and the team has always been able to help my pain, make me stronger, and provide a fun/ encouraging atmosphere. I’ve been to many PTs and there is no place better than next level!

- Alissa B

The best PT ever!! Pam, Dave, John, and Alex , all have a little different style, but whoever worked on me knew what was going on with me and worked their magic.After trying 2 other physical therapy places, I would only go back to Next Level .Great staff that makes sure you are doing exercises correctly. I recommend Next Level highly.

- Lea S

I have been going to next level for over a year. I had gone there for my back and after a short time it was feeling better. They helped me with my breathing which was always a problem since I was young.
I started running when I was 28 to help my asthma and stop taking inhalers which weren’t really helping me back then.
Now with all the core and deep breathing exercises they offered me.
I find my breathing is so much better and has improved my running because of it. Also I know my form is better because of the attention they give to the whole body. I can’t thank them enough… and it was a bright spot for me even during the crazy pandemic we are all going through.
I have offered it to a friend and he was so glad I did.
So thanks to the amazing staff… and of course to Dr. Pam and Dr. Alex for putting me on a much better road for the future.

- Lou G

I had originally come to Next Level for a knee injury. . I was extremely happy with the results because I was able to avoid surgery.

Several months later, I was involved in a horrific bicycle accident which left me with severe injuries.
My hamstring was torn off the bone, my shoulder has significant damage including a Grade 4 separation just to name a couple. Being an athlete, I was extremely comfortable coming back here because the majority of this entire staff are athletes as well. They have great empathy for those who are hurt and they truly want to you rehab to get back to what they were doing prior to being injured. They hold me accountable for the work I put in and outside of the center. I have come a LONG way in a short period of time and they are a huge part of my recovery. My goal is to get back to doing a triathlon again. I am CONFIDENT!

- Brian M

After visiting numerous physical therapy businesses throughout the area I found a home with Next Level Physio! Unfortunately I have experienced numerous injuries to multiple body parts but the good news is every Doctor and staff member contributed to getting back to physical activity promptly! I’d also add the front desk staff are equally impressive with their knowledge of my insurance carrier and accommodating with scheduling! If you’re serious about getting back to the activity you enjoy, there is no other place to go other than Next Level Physio!!

- Thomas S

Top quality physical therapy. I am a distance runner and while training for the NYC marathon I sustained an injury to my abductors 8 weeks out from the marathon. Jerry and the team at Next Level Physio got me back to my road running training within two weeks. In between I was able to train on the alter g machine. The Next Level Team taught me how to strength train, showed me mobility exercises and 5 weeks later I ran my PR at a half marathon, beating my last PR by nearly two minutes.
There’s fitness and conditioning classes, personal training and more. Can’t say enough good things about the quality of work and dedication to athleticism.

- Camille D

Wonderful experience at Next Level Physio. Highly recommend it from personal experience. Has amazing staff that cares about you, your health, your goals and genuinely wants to help you achieve your maximum potential. Great facility for training and rehab. Utilizes the latest technology and treatments to accelerate your rehab and performance, e.g., run DNA, light therapy, blood flow restriction, cupping and many others. Offers numerous health options for all ages, and abilities such as training programs and a triathlon team. I’ve received amazing treatment for my ailments and have been fully supported to achieve my goals by everyone at Next Level.

- Rich F

Dr. Dave is superb. He, and the other PTs and Aides, provide first-rate health care. They truly care about their patients, and provide custom personalized programs for each patient. They spend a lot of time with the patient, and never rush. Their practice is quite unlike some other PT practices, which feel like a “factory.” I highly recommend Dr. Dave and Next Level Physio.

- Laurence B

Next level Physio has taken me from injured to active in a timely fashion, all while helping me to gain more knowledge about therapeutic exercises and nutrition to help improve my overall health and wellness. The staff is tremendously knowledgeable and the environment at Next Level is very commodious as all patients are very well accommodated. As a former athlete and current service member, it is not uncommon for me to sustain injuries of a wide variety however, I know that I have trusted physical therapists that will work to get me back in optimal condition to perform my duties. I couldn’t me more satisfied with the staff at Next Level Physio and the quality of health and fitness they have helped me to achieve. Highly recommended.

- Leonard W

Love the staff here. I’ve been to many PT places, originally in a quest to find a place that didn’t just rehab my athlete kids but also understood athletic conditioning. Found Next Level a few years ago and despite it being a good 30 mins away, I go here instead of the several PT places within 5 mins of my house. Dr. John, as a swimmer, understands the mechanics of what my teens do in the water and how to help them not just heal, but improve strength and range of motion and build the muscle needed to help them avoid injury. But the whole staff is incredible. Everyone at the front desk is welcoming and genuinely friendly. The drs are all active in one way or another, and understand the movements of athletes. The best is the camaraderie amongst the staff itself: they go out together, joke around, and you can tell it’s a really pleasant working environment. With all that said though, everyone is professional and does a great job of guiding you through the necessary movements to help you to improve. I go there myself now too and no matter what your level of fitness is everyone is treated with respect and to achieve the same goal: a pain-free existence.

- Leia Cadogan W

“Consistently excellent” is the way I describe the care and results that I experience at Next Level Physio. This is definitely not “your grandmother’s physical therapy.” Each member of the staff is courteous and professional. Each also sets a very high bar of expectations not only for themselves, but for each patient. If you want positive results, a restoration of your well-being, and an opportunity to raise your level of fitness, then this is the place for you!

- Karen R

Amazing place. I had unbearable knee pain for about 5 years and it limited me a lot playing sports. In one week after they started working on me knee pain GONE!! Thanks to the Next Level Sports Therapy Team I’m able to enjoy what I love to do again with setbacks!!! Thanks guys much appreciated!!

- Miguel A

When I 1st went to next level PT I couldn’t even lay down without pain in my lower back and tying my shoes was even worse. As soon as I got there he listened to my problems and with his vast knowledge and experience he explained to me how I would be taken care of. He used many techniques that I have seen used on professional athletes. It took about 4 sessions until I started to feel a bit better and from that point forward each and every session I felt the improvement. By the last session the pain had dissipated and I was feeling as good as new. Needless to say I was very impressed by his work in relieving my pain.

- Rob R

I’d highly recommend their services to anyone who needs to take care of an injury or just seeks an on-going performance improvement. The entire team is very professional, thorough and knowledgeable. In addition to helping with regular sports injuries, they took an amazing care of our 9-yeards old young athlete when he fractured his collarbone and truly helped him to get back in shape and keep competing successfully in almost no-time.

- Dima A

After years of physical activity in the gym, on trails, and at work, my knees began to develop issues. John, Jerry and the crew at Next Level identified the problem, came up with a game plan to correct it, and through their innovative style of physical therapy, helped me return these activities feeling stronger than ever.

- Kurt N

My 7 year was in immense hip pain when she started here. She is stronger than before she was diagnosed with toxic synovitis. Can’t thank enough the therapists and trainers who helped her through. Would definitely recommend to all friends and family!

- G.H

The whole team at Next Level are awesome, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for sports injury rehab, or general physiotherapy treatment. The environment is great, with plenty of room for both treatment tables as well as warm-up/cool-down areas, and strength/exercise equipment. Their routines are legendary and hard, but you know you need to do them to get better and strengthen to prevent future injuries. If Google offered 6 stars, I’d have chosen this!

- James D

After taking a fall which messed up my right knee and left shoulder, I went to Next Level for PT. John Mendenhall took me under his care and after 11 visits, I was feeling like new again, considering my age of 75. Anyway, I’ve decided to continue exercises at home, using the gravity straps, stationary bike and treadmill. John has a very nice area there at his location and appears to be equipped to handle any and all types of PT requirements.

- George B
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