Not your typical physical therapy experience

We are a hybrid physical therapy practice, meaning we have office hours in specific locations BUT also travel to you – making it even more convenient to stay healthy and get on the road to recovery!

James Chen PT, DPT is committed to bringing you a physical therapy experience that you’ve never had before. He focuses on YOUR story and gives you complete 1-on-1 treatment sessions so that you receive the highest quality care. Read More

Neurokinetic Therapy® is an assessment method that we use in all of our treatments aimed at finding movement pattern compensations and subsequently eliminating them through a systematic approach. Read More

Nutrition is a key component to being healthy and progressing in your rehab

Want to learn how changing your mindset when it comes to nutrition and dieting can help you prevent injuries or keep those pounds off? Contact us for an assessment

-What People Are Saying-

He is always accessible to answer any questions you might have. James gives you realistic expectations on your recovery, but only you can do the work to heal your body, he is your guide along the way. I highly recommend Not Your Average Physio! – Diane M.

James is one of the best physios in the Boston area. He did a great job asking questions and analyzing my prior injuries + ailments to get to the root of my pain. As a personal trainer / coach – I’d highly recommend James as someone who understands movement and training. – Matt C.

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TeleHealth Options available. Learn more here.


For in home treatment, please contact us to schedule an appointment